At many requests from collectors of my original paintings and graphics, I decided to try to find my place in the new art market, which is NFTs.

The digital works token by me are my search for color, 
light and contrast.
Some are painting projects,
part is a digital mix of original painting.

It is great fun at work for me.
I also hope for you too, collecting individual collections
it will be fun.

To make these collector's challenges more attractive,
There will be promotions for each collection of my NFTs
for collecting a specified amount of NFTs.

Collections can be exchanged in 

In order to bring the NFTs topic closer to people 
who don't know how to "eat it", 
I sent a request to several collectors to ask questions, 
which I put with the answers 
in the NFT ART FAQ.

Feel free to buy, collect and have fun in contact with my art.

I also invite you to my original gallery,
which offers NFTs projects in the following categories:

#Original painting at NFTs,

NFTs holder can pick up the original painting in the gallery or order its shipment.

#Commercial license to reproduce painting,

the holder of the NFTs has the right to unlimited reproduction of the painting for commercial purposes.

#Author's series.


More on the page of my original gallery: